REvolution ONE

Serdi srl - Italy. Valve seat and guide machine REvolution ONE. CNC Y axis control working system learn and repeat.

REvolution ONE is a machine based on the EVO CLASSIC structure with Y axis CNC controlled by our original patented software. We use the best electronic on the market with the newest state of art on hardware.

Four working ways with free setting parameters (on LCD colour touch-screen):

  • Traditional : manual with wheel (vertical depth indexed on the monitor).
  • Manual electric : with step to step vertical speed and depth controlled by touch-screen.
  • Automatic : vertical feed (with start-end positioning) working in continous. RPM free indexable during the work with polishing action (400 RPM) at max depth.
  • Automatic : vertical feed (with start-end positioning) working step-by step. RPM free indexable during the work with polishing action (400 RPM) at max depth. No screw effects on valves, best on larger  seats and harder seat material.

The machine is able to learn the manual work on the first seat and automatically repeats it on the other seats.  Repeating quotes with max precision. All working parameters can be free modified during the working process through the LCD colour touch-screen.

Extremely solid machine structure, single body steel bed.

Machine with 5 air cushions with individual setting:  upper bed workhead (2 axis), spherical spindle cushion 360°, spindle Y axis air piston with relieving system, double on the lower bed clamping fixture (2 axis).

Machine spindle workhead and lower bed support clamped by double pneumatic jacks.

Universal, reliable and safe machine. Machining capacity with greatest precision on all kind of seats of all kind of cylinder motor head, from motorcycle to industrial vehicle.

Allows the machining from guides of 3,5 mm and diameters between 14 and 80 mm.

Universal 360° rotating clamping fixture 2 jaws type with accessories for all kind of cylinder motorheads. Integrated lighting with light on the base of the machine and two lamps on the spindle work head.  Vacuum checker with pads, carbide bit sharpener and tool rack integrated on the machine. Tool holder S-IT5100 with bit holders S-IT1999 S-IT2000 S-IT2001 S-IT2002 (14-60 mm seat diameter). Tool holder S-IT5300 with bit holders S-2003 S-IT2004 (40-80 mm seat diameter) optional. Large flat heads clamping fixture (optional). Carbide pilots and cutting bits on choice

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