Evo plus

Serdi srl - Italy. Valve seat and valve guide machine with automatic centering system EVO PLUS.

EVO PLUS is a solid high precision machine, easy to use, made to be precise and to have no maintenance problems for many many years. Automatic centering system based on the spherical and flat air-float cushion crossed action principle, electronic motor control with variable speed and digital counter display (Inverter). High speed and silenced bearings on the spindle.
EVO PLUS is a machine born to work multi valve aluminium cylinder heads with 600 mm max distance between first and last guide valve.
EVO PLUS allows the machining from guides of 3,5 mm and seat diameters between 14 and 60 mm. Extremely solid structure with modular steel bed. Lower table on air cushion with new advanced high capacity vacuum clamping system. Lower table with “no limit” travel 600 x 200 mm. Two high performance air cushions. The first one on the spindle (spherical cushion 360°). The second one on the clamping fixture lower bed (2 axis).
Universal tilting clamping fixture on the lower table, with accessories for all kind of cylinder motor heads. Integrated lighting with two lamps on the workhead.
Standard equipment : Quick swinging clamping system – Lighting system – Registrable mechanical end of stroke – Tool setting gauge – Toolholder S-IT5100 – Bit holders S-IT1999 (Small diameters) - S-IT2000 (18-30 mm) S-IT2001 (28-40 mm) S-IT2002 (40-60 mm) – Set of Keys,
Suggested tooling: Set of 12 carbide and steel pilots - Set of 10 form carbide bits + 2 counterboring.
Optional equipment: Carbide bit sharpener with diamond wheel – Vacuum checker with pads


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